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Two new tracks added!

2009-03-23 17:49:59 by perro-electric

I've added two new tracks on newgrounds and i'm curious what you think of it.

The first track is an up tempo spacy drum 'n bass track called: The Space Command Wants You!. I think it became a great energetic piece of audio.

The second one is a techno/dance track with, according to the comments of sgtgirlygirl, an "orgasmic bass". You have to see for yourself what that means! It's called Psycho DJ! but maybe "Robo Monkey" is a better name.

Remix The Yellow Banana!

2009-02-11 17:36:26 by perro-electric

I decided to put the vocals of my track 'The Yellow Banana' here on newgrounds. This way it's possible for other musicians/remixers to make their own yellow banana mix. Isn't that wonderful ;-)?

So if you made a remix with my a-capella let me know! I'm curious ...

Find the a capella file here: /212068

Remix The Yellow Banana!

Will you join forces?

2009-01-20 17:19:05 by perro-electric

Hi there,

I'm looking for flash artists to collaborate. I want to make a flash animation of my song "Happy happy bithday". I've got already worked something in flash. Do you think you can help? Let me know.

Find the track here: /2 04019